Uniform shop


The Uniform Shop is situated beside the Tuckshop in ‘D’ Block and operates during the school year as follows:  Students wearing official school uniform

Students can access the uniform shop before school and/or at first break, or at other times with a note from their class teacher. Parents are welcome anytime during opening times.

With P&C endorsement, our school is a uniform school and therefore the wearing of the approved school uniform is a condition of enrolment. All uniform requirements, with the exception of shoes and belts can be obtained from the Uniform Shop. Belts are only mandatory for the boys formal uniform.

End of Year 2019/Back to School 2020 Appointments

To cope with the extra demands from new families and students, an appointment system will be operating for all customers during December and January selling days.  

At 15-minute intervals, families with appointments will be seen at their allotted time, all others will have to wait until a salesperson is available. 

Appointments for Orientation Day are listed below and can be taken from 1st October 2019

  • 2nd December & 10th December to 13th Decmber 2019
  • 18th January & 22nd January to 24th Janurary 2020

Our first opening day for 2020 is Saturday, 18 January

January appointments need to be made before school finishes in 2019 via phone (07) 3881 4739 or alternatively an email can be sent to and we will respond after the Christmas and New Year Public Holidays to organise your appointment.


THE UNIFORM SHOP IS NOT OPEN DURING SCHOOL HOLIDAYS                                     

The following extended hours for 2019/20 will operate for your benefit: 

2019 - End of Year

  • Monday 2nd December: 7.00am – 12.00pm     
  • Monday 9th December to Thursday 12th December: 8.15am – 12.00pm (Appointment preferred
  • Friday 13th December: CLOSED

2020 - January School Holidays

  • Saturday 18th January: 8.30am – 12.30pm (Appointment preferred)
  • Wednesday 22nd January to Friday 24th January: 8.30am – 2.00pm (Appointment preferred)

2020 - First two weeks back to school
  • Tuesday 28th January to Friday 7th February: 8.00am – 2.00pm
  • Monday 27th January: CLOSED (Australia Day Publish Holiday)

Regular opening times for the year begin Monday 10th February 2020

If you have not made an appointment on the selected days, there may be a considerable wait.

Contact us

Julie Jamesion: (07) 3881 4739.


Orders can be placed on Lay-by for up to three (3) months. All lay-by orders must be finalised, paid for, and collected by the end of this three month 


Second hand uniforms

Second-hand uniforms will only be available to purchase until Monday 2nd December 2019 and will be on sale again from Thursday 30th January 2020

Second-hand uniform sales also operate out of the Uniform Shop year round, excepting the first and last week of school each year.

The sale of formal uniforms and winterwear only is on a consignment basis. The convenor will record and price each item, and note any sales. $5 from each formal uniform item is retained by the school. Sportswear is accepted as a donation to the school with all proceeds benefitting the school.

Twice a year cheques for reimbursements will be processed for any customer raising $10 or more.

Pre-loved uniforms will only be accepted in good, clean condition. Any uniforms not meeting a satisfactory standard will be discarded.

Returns policy

  1. Any second-hand uniform purchases cannot be returned for a refund. 
  2. Any returned items must be within three (3) months from the date of purchase, be accompanied by a receipt, and not be worn, washed, or named.
  3. Please notify us of any discrepancy within one (1) week of receiving your delivery and provide the original purchase receipt.


Due to spatial contstraints, whilst every effort is made to ensure we have adequate stock of all mandatory uniform items, we cannot hold all items in reserve for students.

Out of stock items may take up to 3 months to arrive.


If you need to visit the Uniform Shop, please book an appointment with your student. Due to the extremely limited space, students with an appointment will be given priority; and you may be in for an extremely long wait.

Telephone orders made by calling us at 07 3881 4739 during the above stated shop hours.

Last reviewed 27 November 2019
Last updated 27 November 2019