​Frequently asked questions

How do I submit an application?

For All Categories

  • When submitting an application in person (at Admin Reception), please ensure that you have a fully completed application including original and photocopies of required documentation. Please note: The school does not offer a photocopy service. The application is processed immediately and the originals are returned directly to the person submitting the paperwork.

  • Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

IGNITE Applications

  • It is not necessary for you to make an appointment to submit IGNITE applications.
  • The school prefers you to submit the IGNITE application during office hours of 8:00am - 3:30pm Monday to Friday.
  •  Payments can be made by EFTPOS, Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard), Cash, Cheque or Money Order.

If your child is eligible to apply under more than one IGNITE category:

  • Only one (1) application form is required for one or more category of enrolment

  • Only one (1) application fee is required if applying for one or more category of enrolment;

If you wish to mail your application:

  • The school recommends that you send the completed application by registered mail;

  • Please provide a stamped self-addressed registered envelope for return of the original documents.

Local Catchment

  • Please contact the School Reception on (07) 3881 4700 to book an appointment with an Enrolments Officer to submit a Local Catchment application. As in previous years, the PRSHS Junior Secondary team will visit the local primary schools around July/August to facilitate the enrolment process.

Academic IGNITE Applications

What do Academic Enrolment applicants need to know about the testing process?

  • The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is approximately 90 minutes in duration and is a multiple choice assessment that measures reasoning skills with different types of verbal, quantitative and non-verbal questions.

  • The Principal determines who is offered a place.

Can my child study for the Academic IGNITE Enrolment test?

  • The best preparation for the test is for your child to be actively engaged in their current learning at Primary School.
  • There are sample questions available online, however, we do not endorse any preparation programs.

IGNITE Music Applications

What do IGNITE Music Enrolment applicants need to know about the audition process?
  • Applicants are required to prepare a work in full that demonstrates their technical and music proficiency.
  • Brass and Woodwind/Strings: Musicians should also be prepared to demonstrate technical work in the form of a 2 octave G major scale and a 1 octave A minor scale. Brass and Woodwind students must also present a chromatic scale starting on Bb concert pitch.
  • Percussion: Applicants are required to prepare a second piece on different percussion instrument. They should also be prepared to demonstrate technical work such as rudiment stick work
  • Vocal: Vocal Audition students are required to prepare two pieces in their entirety that represent different music styles


Are IGNITE Enrolment students streamed?
  • IGNITE Enrolment students are not streamed unless they are also accepted for the IGNITE program.

Can students apply for both Year 7 IGNITE program as well as a IGNITE Music?
  • Students can apply for enrolment in the Year 7 IGNITE program as well as for IGNITE Music Entry in conjunction with the application and selection processes conducted for each program.

Is the test for Academic Year 7 IGNITE Enrolment and Academic Scholarship Programs the same?
  • The entrance test for Academic IGNITE Enrolment and Academic Scholarship Programs are the same and will be administered on the same day.

Is there an Academic test for IGNITE Music Enrolment applications?
  • Students applying under the Year 7 IGNITE Music Enrolment category do not need to sit the Academic IGNITE Enrolment entrance test. Applicants that wish to be part of BOTH Year 7 IGNITE Academy AND IGNITE Music will need to sit the enrolment entry test.

How will I be notified of the outcome of an application and what should I expect to receive from the school?
  • You will receive correspondence from the school advising you of the outcome of your application.

Does the school hold school tours?
  • School tours are held on our Open Day, Week 9, Term1. At other times, bookings are essential. Please contact the school on (07) 3881 4700 or email: to organise a school tour.

Last reviewed 15 May 2020
Last updated 15 May 2020