IGNITE Music - Audition Registration Process


​IGNITE Music - Audition Registration Process - Year 7, 2021

Pine Rivers State High School has a strong history of excellent performance in the Performing Arts and in particular, Instrumental Music. Students enrolled in the IGNITE Music program will be required to participate in the school co-curricular instrumental music program for the duration of their enrolment (Year 7-9) at PRSHS.

The school’s enrolment management plan allows for scholarship enrolment in a number of categories. Selection processes and timelines for applications can be found on the school website:

All persons interested in enrolment should read the relevant information.

The IGNITE Music program is open to students who excel on brass and woodwind, orchestral strings and percussion (multi and kit), and is also open to piano, guitar strands or voice. Students enrolled in the IGNITE Music Program are required to participate in weekly instrumental music lessons (Year 7- 9) and the school co- curricular instrumental music band program for the duration of their enrolment (Year 7- 9) at PRSHS, and with an expectation of continued participation through to the end of year 12.

From year to year the need for specific instruments for inclusion in the school program may vary, depending on existing music enrolments and the balance of instruments within ensembles. The school therefore has absolute discretionary power to determine in which musical activities, and to which students in a particular activity, it has the capacity to offer assistance and support.

Students applying for entry into Year 7 2021 must identify the AMEB standard they have achieved and in cases where a student has not completed AMEB examinations, the student may submit a reference from a registered and practising Education Queensland Instrumental Music Teacher stipulating the level at which the student is playing at.

Procedures for students wishing to audition:

Obtain, complete and lodge an:

Ensure copies of Year 5 School Reports for Semesters 1 and 2 and Year 5 NAPLAN report are included.

Closing date for IGNITE Music applications is Friday 29 May 2020. Applications received after this date will not be considered.

The IGNITE Enrolment Fee of $30 must be paid on lodgement of these forms.

The auditions for students applying for IGNITE Music will be held on Wednesday 10 June 2020, 11.30am – 2.30pm at PRSHS.

Parents will be advised by email or post of the specific time of their child’s audition early in Term 2.

Audition requirements for Brass and Woodwind/Strings, Guitar, Piano, Percussion and Vocals:

  • Students are required to prepare two contrasting works in full. These works should be selected to demonstrate the applicant’s technical and musical proficiency. Each piece should be no more than two minutes duration.
  • Musicians should also be prepared to demonstrate technical work eg in the form of a 2 octave G major scale and a 1 octave A minor scale. Brass and Woodwind students should be prepared to present a chromatic scale starting on Bb concert pitch.
  • Sight reading will also be included in the audition process.
  • If using backing track accompaniment, this must be provided on CD, or personal devices including iPods or phones. The track should be of high quality and ready to use for the audition.

Post Audition:

Parents/students will be notified in writing with regard to the success of their application (July)

Students must have school reports that reflect an ability to cope with the academic demands of the PRSHS curriculum and above average behaviour reports.

Last reviewed 08 June 2020
Last updated 08 June 2020